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Buying time

A whole lot of nothing seemed to be happening on the treatment front for a couple weeks after the most recent mets re-diagnosis (much to my frustration/chagrin/wanna flip a table over and scream at the medical community kind of disappointment…), … Continue reading

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The good news is that the tumor they radiated responded to treatment.  The bad news is that at least five more popped up in my liver over the last six weeks, some as big as 2cm (that’s really fast and … Continue reading

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scan update

So, lots of good news last week (or, now, the week before last since I’ve been dragging my feet on finishing this post…)!  MRI (spine and abdomen) and CT (chest) scans were all clear of any advanced disease…no new lesions, the … Continue reading

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Through the diagnostic spanking machine, darkly

First off, Florida was fabulous!  There was sun, there was fun, there was drinkin’ bein’ done (ok not that much…LAME…#oldfogiespringbreak).  It ended up being a great way to be able to take a step back from the daily grind back home … Continue reading

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Quick rad update

I have a longer blog started but wanted to get out some info: Brain mets? NOPE! Bone mets? NOPE! Surgery? NO (at least, not yet) Chemo/immunotherapy? NO (not yet…) Radiation?  YES!  Starts today (I’m writing from the waiting area…).  5 … Continue reading

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Long time no blog…

…which means there’s either good news or bad news to share, and I’m afraid it’s the latter 😦  No way to really buffer the update, so I’ll just come out with it – liver mets (that’s cancer lingo for metastasis).  Damn. … Continue reading

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All I want for Christmas is…chemo?

Happy Thanksgiving, ya’ll!  Hope you spent time doing something that makes you happy to be a human living on this planet.  Family, friends, food, fabric, 500, whatever f-word floats your gratitude boat.  I am mostly thankful for all the amazing people, near and far, … Continue reading

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