Quick rad update

I have a longer blog started but wanted to get out some info:

Brain mets? NOPE!

Bone mets? NOPE!

Surgery? NO (at least, not yet)

Chemo/immunotherapy? NO (not yet…)

Radiation?  YES!  Starts today (I’m writing from the waiting area…).  5 treatments over 10 days, 50 gray total exposure (same as I had in 28 doses the last go round).  Hitting this biatch hard and fast!  I am not a good candidate for surgery at this time (more on that in a different post), but the rad onc is pretty confident she can obliterate the main tumor where it sits.  And we’re off!  I’ll likely be much more fatigued this time, which means we most definitely could use some help around the house.  I feel like people have been waiting for me to give the go ahead on this front, so here we go!  Got a few Brunner Girls coming over for cleaning duty this weekend ❤  The other big items on the wish list are Boo walking and help with meals.  If you think you might want to hang out with a cute, smart, ENERGETIC puppy on a walk, playdate, or outing to the dog park, give a holler!  As for meals, just shoot me a text, IM, or email about what day/night you’d be able to stop by.  If one of us can’t be here, we’ll leave a cooler for drop off.  I’m working toward vegan these days, but minimally vegetarian.  Soups are great.  Just about anything with potatoes works!  Curries, pastas, rice dishes.  Fruit or veggie salads.  Kevin and Maggie are still carnivores and happy to accept dishes with meat 😉

Update:  I’m home now following treatment.  The ViewRay MRI-guided radiation procedure itself went well.  Because the tumor is right up against my lungs, they have to time the targeted delivery during a point in my breathing cycle when the position is stable (minimal movement) and most advantageous (not near other organs and closer to my back than front).  So the actual radiation is only delivered during the time periods for which I am holding my breath at a specific lung capacity, for a total of 28 minutes.  Breathe in, hold for as long as you can while staying still, breathe out.  Repeat over and over.  For most folks, this usually means about an hour in the MRI unit in total.  I’ve got bigly lung capacity, can apparently hold my breath for much longer than the average human, and am good at gauging the right place to stop and hold while breathing in.  So my time in the unit was about as good as it gets, they said.  Which means I’m winning the ViewRay radiation competition!  Well, they tell me there is no ‘record time’ target to shoot for, but you know there is…I’ll get it out of them.  I WILL WIN!

Then I got out of the MRI feeling dizzy and nauseated.  Yuck.  When we had the planning conversation with the rad onc, I forgot the bit on taking Zofran (antiemetic) an hour before the procedure.  Oops.  They gave me one after, but it was too late.  I found myself pacing the waiting room ready to puke, then in a unisex bathroom with Kevin (there to hold my hair…ha ha, another benefit of short locks!) until I thought I could make it to the next floor, where I finally ending up doing the deed in an automatic flushing toilet.  Not ideal.  I already had a cold going into this, so I feel like death warmed over right now and waiting for round two of the up-chuck fest (not kidding…I’m writing this from the bathroom floor…ok, that just happened).  I made it through 5 months of chemo feeling constantly nauseated but never actually vomiting…won’t forget my Zofran on Friday, tell you what!

So, yes, Boo and meals.  It is clear that Boo and I will not make it in close quarters together for long periods of time without me being able to take him out to work the energy off and I’m already feeling too dog tired (I’m soooo hilarious!).  He is good and calm when I’m physically in bed but otherwise does a lot of running around, chasing cats, jumping on and off the couch, and whining (oh, dear Lord, the whining!).  Because that’s what a puppy does…  He is used to lots of walks, playdates, and romping in the park and needs to be wore out but good every day.  Please, take him off our hands, for a few minutes, or an hour…for a night 😉

OK, I’m off to sip my lemon ginger honey tea and hope I can keep it down.  Fingers crossed!

❤ love ❤


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One Response to Quick rad update

  1. Ruby Lambert says:

    I can walk the dog if you want! Let me know when.


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