Save the Date – 6/17

Well, chemo is done.  The last few weeks of the A/C portion was rough (RUFF!), physically and emotionally.  I’ll write about it some day…  Hoping that was by far the worst part of the three treatment phases to get rid of this stinkin’ cancer.  But hallelujah, it’s over and we’re movin’ on to surgery!

6/17 is the official date.  Yikes, folks, that’s less than two weeks away!  Surgery is on a Friday @ UW Hospital, should finish up by mid-afternoon, and I’ll be discharged on Saturday (as long as my pain is under control).   Visitors welcome!  I’ve made the decision to only do the mastectomy on the left side for now.  I was seriously considering doing the double mastectomy and having the tissue expander (for later reconstruction) placed on the right side at the same time, but for several reasons it seems better to wait.  Recovery will be a good deal easier with my right side unaltered, and I could use as much ‘easy’ as I can get right about now 🙂  Looking forward to having this beast of a tumor cut out of me, that’s fo sho!  I’ve reinstated the jeboobuddies Lotsa Helping Hands site and added some tasks for those interested and willing to help out with some chores, meals, and rides while I’m recovering from surgery.  Could that be you?  Get there here:

About 4 weeks after surgery I’ll start the rads.  There are some lymph nodes near my clavicle that they are a little worried about (they didn’t light up with cancer, but just that they were visible on the MRI was concerning).  Since that’s getting pretty close to my ticker, they don’t want to do traditional radiation, so I get the more targeted tomotherapy – cutting edge!

Signing off for now…I’ll try to update the blog soon after surgery to let everyone know how it went!




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One Response to Save the Date – 6/17

  1. Mark Martin says:

    Hey Jen,

    Good for you – no more chemo! Glad it’s over so keep clicking off those milestones as they come up and keep moving forward. Thinking of you lots!



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