Hanging in there…

Today I decided to play hooky from work!  I had almost forgotten what it was like to take time off just for the heck of it and not because I feel like crap or have a doctor’s appointment…what a novel idea.  So I’m taking the day to catch up on chores/errands and hopefully get outside a bit to enjoy the beautiful weather.  Feels good to feel good ❤

I ain’t gonna beat around the bush, the new AC chemo cocktail is a lot rougher than the first.  No fun, no fun.  So, I’ve been laying low with nausea, inappetence, exhaustion (like, wow, didn’t know I could feel this absolutely drained…and still have trouble sleeping – WHAT GIVES!?!), weakness, and a fairly constant brain fog (I had a piss poor memory and bad retention as it was…amplify that and add lack of focus…how am I functioning right now?).  I get chemo every other week and lost 4 pounds between the first and second treatments (ate like a bird that first week and oinked out the second week, so I was a bit surprised by that degree of net weight loss).  Eating is good 🙂 and you don’t realize how amazing it feels to be hungry until you spend several days viewing food as the enemy.  Each meal I am able to enjoy between treatments is truly savored!

The boob tenderness, hot flashes, and neuropathy continue, though there has been some relief from those maladies.  Good news – there are some typical side effects from this chemo that I’m NOT getting, like mouth sores (only slightly annoying rough patches), #2 issues (taking fiber every day, yo, so limited constipation and only one morning of explosive diarrhea, but the hemorrhoids make even farting painful so I guess it’s not all sunshine and rainbows in the poop department…), and there is some fuzz on my head that refuses to give over (still have some of my eyebrows and eyelashes hanging on, too, though I understand those are often late in falling out completely…joy).

With this round of chemo hitting harder than the first, I am realizing that I could use some more help around home with chores and running errands on occasion.  I know that many peeps are chomping at the bit to help in some way (because I am surrounded by awesome friends and family…still humbled every day by the people in my life!), I just haven’t been able to figure out a good way to request and coordinate it.  The Lotsa Helping Hands website wasn’t working out the best for a variety of reasons, so I’m thinking of setting up an email tree of interested people instead.  I would send out an email on maybe Sunday to the group with a list of activities that need doin’ and the days that would work to coordinate timing so that people could respond with availability…?  If there is anyone out there with superior organizational skills that has a better idea of how to coordinate help, I’m all ears!  For now, please let me know if you are interested in being on my jeboobuddies email list and we’ll go from there!  Holler here – jebrunner@gmail.com

I ended up taking a bike ride to the Arboretum on my skip day.  Got to see the magnolias that are still in bloom, bask in the sun (and shade…dang it’s hot…love it!), read a book, and just take in all the green.  Maggie has a track meet tonight, so another opportunity to enjoy being outside on this fine day.  Then I have three more full days of relative normalcy to pack in some good times before the next chemo treatment on Tuesday.  Bring it.


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One Response to Hanging in there…

  1. Ed Steele says:

    You asked about a way to coordinate volunteers – I’ve never used it myself, but have heard good things about the websites SignUpGenius and VolunteerSpot. Here’s a good review for each:

    Let me know if we can help at all – we would love to do so if there is anything we can assist with – Ed & Jacy


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