Snooze juice

Oh my mother-freakin’ gawd what a difference sleep makes!  Got almost 5.5 hours of full-on, straight-up, uninterrupted shut eye overnight and it felt amazing!!!  Opening my eyes this morning and realizing I had been out for several hours, then feeling the soft, warm, enveloping comfort of a bed that had been really SLEPT in…well, it was magical.  I’m high on rest right now.

So far the physical side effects from the chemo have been minimal, but the insomnia has been very real (I’d say max 12 total hours of sleep Wed. night through Sun.).  The cumulative toll on my mood, energy level, and brain activity was getting me down, down, down.  Add in a weekend-long migraine…it was rough going there for a bit.  I feel like myself for the first time in days.  A single shot of the snooze juice goes a long way!  Now I’ll be working on figuring out how to keep the dose higher from here on out…  As expected, insomnia hits hardest on the days I take dexamethasone (which so far has been every day but one between treatments…can you guess whether or not I took it yesterday?), so I’ll be chatting with the doc about the possibility of cutting back on the ‘roids (I’m not experiencing any nausea, but I am constantly hungry, so we haven’t found the right balance yet), as well as a having a sleep aid on hand so that I don’t find myself in the same place again.  Next order of business in the fight against insomnia – more yoga!  And with that, I’m off to the studio 🙂

Sleep out-


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5 Responses to Snooze juice

  1. Chery Brunner Theis says:

    YEAH!!!! So glad to hear this!


  2. Deb Gudel says:

    So glad to hear that things are going semi well. Thinking of you often!


  3. Dave Wade says:

    Long time no see!! – I would like to correct that. Do you want to get together? (Stacey wants to come too)

    Take care,


  4. sarah brodnick says:



  5. Randy Lambert says:

    Thinking of you and wishing you the best!


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