Updates (chemo and wigs ftw)

Quick update for today (Thursday) with my first round of chemo.  Everything went well, though it took longer than expected due to some hold up getting the drugs for the clinical trial, so we were at the hospital from roughly 8a to 4p between labs, consults, and the treatment itself.  It started out with the oral study drug (veliparib/placebo), oral ondansetron (for nausea), IV dexamethasone (steroid to help with nausea), IV ranitadine (for acid reflux), and IV diphenhydramine (Benadryl, to help counter the effects of the steroid so that I’m not so wired), followed finally by the chemo agents, IV paclitaxel (Taxol) and IV carboplatin/placebo.  The Benadryl was a unique experience (in other words, it totally and completely knocked me on my ass – so so sleepy, slurred speech, leaden appendages…like being drunk but 10 times more out of it).  I took a nap under my chemo quilt and was vaguely aware of eating some lunch, getting blood drawn, and drip bags changed.  So far, other than some residual grogginess (must have rubbed off on Kevin, too!), some slight grumbling from my intestines (no blow outs from either end, yet…fingers crossed!), and feeling a little woozy (could be the 50ml of blood they took this morning, as well…my ‘donations’ are adding up here!), I’m feeling pretty normal.  Guess we’ll see what tomorrow brings!

The Trying on of Wigs:

And now on to the important things…  Had some fun doing a Glamour Shots style appointment at UW Hospital wig shop yesterday (Wednesday) with my work wife, Liz.  I get to pick out one free wig and some other goodies for my soon-to-be bald noggin.  We could have used some more time, and I still haven’t made a final decision, so maybe you can help (leave a comment with favorite style and color!).  The biggest problems I have had with WordPress in the past are getting photos to display as I want them to, and this is no different.  I finally gave up cropping them or trying to pair them together to make it less cumbersome to scroll through, so you get what you get because time is precious 😉


This is me, in case you don’t know what I look like 😉


Here I am with a wig cap, which I guess helps down the road with ‘wig itch’ when there’s no longer a hair barrier there…



…and will come in handy when I eventually turn to a life of crime!


Sporting some long, ash blonde locks


Same locks with a headband, because accessories!


The Hillary


The Hillary, up close and personal, with a pink scarf.


Strawberry blonde, and dripping Southern sweetness…


This one screams ‘soccer mom’…


…or maybe the come-hither volleyball mom?  


I’ll be your flight attendant, how may I help you?


With the scarf knot to boot! 


All grown up.


Contemplating my adultness


The ‘Liz’


Stepford Wife


“With a rebel yell, she cried…”


Oh, yeah…how I looked before the grey


Gettin’ sassy with some leopard print while rocking my inner cougar!


Also an option come shedding time in spring…the Domestic Long Hair wig


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19 Responses to Updates (chemo and wigs ftw)

  1. Andrew says:

    Sounds like a rough chemical filled day. They all look nice but I’d still say stepford all the way. We should see what is in our wig bag, I think we have a nice Kim-Jong-Il/Elvis bouffant around here somewhere.


  2. Emily Nowakowski says:

    My vote is the “all grown up”, although the southern girl in me says Strawberry Blonde…


  3. Joyce Brown says:

    Lol, the look on your cat’s face is priceless. All the wigs look decent. Kind of lean towards the “how I looked without grey” hair. Go with something that makes you feel powerful.


  4. Megan says:

    I like the first long blonde or the last long brown.


  5. Mary says:

    They all look good! Top 3 in no particular order: Hillary, strawberry blonde, before you were grey.

    Must have been a long day! But it’s now behind you! Hope you tolerate the after-effects well. Shout if you need anything!💜


  6. rebecca says:

    Bitchin blond wig is what i like best!….Maybe get a “regular” wig when you want to feel normal then get like a hot pink/breen/blue or something when you don’t feel “regular”.
    Glad things went well!


  7. Eric says:

    Sounds like an ok first day. I hope things continue to go smoothly! The domestic short hair is my favorite but until spring I like the rebel yell. Probably not surprised by my choice


  8. Robin says:

    Wow they all look much nicer than my own hair, maybe I should try one out. I like the stepford wife and the adult look.


  9. Kristin says:

    I vote for “all grown up” or the Hillary.


  10. Ooh! I am torn between “cat” and “how I looked before the grey” – but you make it all look good.


  11. Tim Newman says:

    Glad to hear that progress is in progress, and going fairly smoothly. I like just about all the wigs, especially the domestic short hair. Love you.


  12. Stephanie S. says:

    I’m glad to hear that everything is going fairly well so far. I love all the wigs, but my favorites are the long, ash blonde locks, and the before the grey. Stay positive, we are all behind you!


  13. Melody Moore says:

    I like them all. You’ll look beautiful in any one you choose! My favorites are the ash blonde, the Hilary, and flight attendant. Of course the cat is really the best, but maybe harder to maintain. I also like the idea of getting another wig of a bright color, maybe with spikes. I’m glad your first day of treatments is in the past; soon they all will be and you’ll have your own hair back! If it comes in orange or purple, you may still want a wig….


  14. Sarah Brodnick says:

    Glad you didn’t feel much discomfort the first session! Love the wig pictures 🙂 Like the blonde and long brown, but you could do any of them 🙂


  15. Chery Brunner Theis says:

    I like them all! You’d look spectacular in any of them! Hope today went ok and no after effects from yesterday!


  16. Jane Lambert says:

    It’s true — you do look beautiful in all of them!


  17. Connie says:

    Hey Jen – Congrats on getting the 1st chemical cocktail done! Hope you are still tolerating. That all grown up one looks all grown up for sure,looks cute. I like the 1st long blond and the brown long before grey one. You look good in all of these. I just got rid of a Monsters High wig, darn. 🙂


  18. Kristin says:

    I vote for the last two. I think they look great! How can I meet you to deliver the chemo caps from my mom?


  19. Joa S says:

    Hi Jen, I just found this post from awhile ago. You look good in all the wigs, I like the fight attendant if you want short, or the before the grey if you want it long. I hope to get my care package to you this week. I hope things are going well. Joan


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