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jeboobuddies – what you can do to help (chemo edition!)

I have been overwhelmed and humbled by the outpouring of support following my diagnosis, throughout all the additional testing, and now moving into the treatment phase.  A special shout out to everyone who came to the potluck brunch this past Monday … Continue reading

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Updates (chemo and wigs ftw)

Quick update for today (Thursday) with my first round of chemo.  Everything went well, though it took longer than expected due to some hold up getting the drugs for the clinical trial, so we were at the hospital from roughly 8a … Continue reading

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A day full of awesome!

Had a bone scan this afternoon to determine if the blip they saw on my hip during the CT scan was anything to worry about.  So, was it?  Oh HECK no!  All clear!  That was really the last of the … Continue reading

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Survey says…no genetic component!

Another short post with good news!  Just talked to the genetic counselor and all tests were negative!  No BRCA 1.  No BRCA 2.  None of the other 24 locations they tested look funky.  This is GREAT news for my family … Continue reading

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CT scan results

Lookin’ good, baby!  Other than a small blip on my right hip, the scan was CLEAR!  Doc isn’t too concerned about it, but will order a bone scan just to be sure.  No whammies, no whammies, NO WHAMMIES! Also, arrived … Continue reading

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Embracing a couple of days of normalcy

You don’t really realize what a break the weekend is until you not only have off work but also have two full days without diagnostic tests, blood draws, consultations, echocardiograms (forgot to tell you guys about that one from last … Continue reading

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Testing continues…

It’s been a whirlwind week for tests and appointments…4 clinics in 4 days! -On Tuesday it was a contrast MRI to determine if there was anything funny going on in the right breast (not so much) and to get a … Continue reading

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